Brief Overview Of Tooth Filling Process

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The tooth filling process is part and parcel of dental restoration work. All tooth filling los angeles work is intended to restore the function, integrity and morphology of a missing tooth structure. A missing tooth could be the result of caries or external trauma. Tooth filling also forms part of the work of building a supporting structure that will be required for new dental implants. When a tooth filling is done, material is placed into a damaged tooth to help restore its original shape and/or function.

Material used are porcelain inlay or onlay or composite. The dental inlay fills the center of the tooth. While the onlay becomes a bit more extensive in the sense that it is able to cover up an entire biting surface of the tooth. Tooth fillings are necessary to help prevent any further damage to teeth should teeth decay occur. It will help to remove all bacteria. Affected areas will be closed off. Tooth fillings do not take long to complete.

It will be all over within half an hour. The affected area is prepared with numbing spray or gel. This has to be done before any local anesthetic can be applied. It helps to alleviate any pain associated even from the application of the anesthetic needle. When numbness has been achieved, all manner of decay will be removed with a drill. After that, the affected area can then be sealed off with a filling. Should it become necessary, the tooth filling can still be filed down in order to restore the function of the natural bite.

So far so good, wouldn’t you say. So far you can see that there is nothing to the procedure. And at least you do not need to worry about pain and discomfort.